by Bridge Underwater

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released August 11, 2009

Pat Mellon. Artwork by Nicole.


all rights reserved



Bridge Underwater Philadelphia

Philly Indie Pop

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Track Name: Don't Leave Me Alone
Don’t leave me alone
Don’t leave me alone

When you look in my eyes
What do you see?
You might think you know my name
But do you know what’s inside me?

And when you love me
What do you think?
But you don’t have to think, do you?
Because it’s all there

Don’t leave me alone

And when I look at you
I don’t know what to do
It’s just that your love for me
is feels so nice

I promise I’ll stay for you
For as long as I can
Will you promise to stay for me
But baby I know you will

Your love, your love shines bright tonight
I feel your love, your love tonight inside me
Track Name: Protect Me
Why am I so scared sometimes
Why am I so sad inside
Why don’t I know why
Why I hurt?

I know everyone hurts in different ways
I know everyone has bad days
But why does it feel like
My bad ones won’t go away?

I see you standing there, right there
I see you and you care you care
It hurts me to hurt you
I don’t mean to hurt you

Will you protect me
Cause that’s what I need
Some protection

And if you stay right there
maybe I won’t be so scared

You know I love you
But I don’t know why I don’t love myself
You I need you but I don’t know
Why I don’t need myself

You know I keep it all inside sometimes
I keep it there and it eats me away
You know I never tell anyone anytime
That it hurts inside I hurt inside

Please protect me
That’s what I need
Some protection

Keep me from myself.
Keep me from myself
and maybe I will be all right
Track Name: Down, Down, Down
Open up your window
Let me climb on in
Keep me safe inside

Sometimes I get so sick,
So scared, so sad
And I just want to hide
Inside your room
Cause everything outside your window
Just ain’t right

One time Wilson said
That his soul feels weird
And I just laughed at that
What does that mean?

Then the next day
Something’s inside me
It’s my soul feelingweird
Imagine that

Sometimes I feel down,
Down, down, down
I feel down

Open up that window
Let that fresh air in
Call me a fresh air fiend

Wanna put some coffee
In me in my body
I wanna keep myself happy today
I wanna look out there
And see blue and white… trees

Cause I feel down…
Track Name: Nothing Matters Anymore
You used to go out late at night
You used to feel fine
You used to love the world

Now you don’t want to talk to me
Or anyone you see
You just wanna be alone

All of your family and your friends
They don’t even try
They think it’s a matter of time

What could they do anyway
You just hide away
In your room that’s like a tomb

Nothing matters anymore

You’re just like a bug
Hiding in your bed
No one can speak to you

You’re not who you used to be
So long ago it seems
When you felt happy

All of your family and your friends
They think it’s the end
They don’t try to understand

How could they help you anyway
You’d push them away
Like you have done before

Nothing matters anymore

You feel unhappy
All of the time
And you don’t know why
You’ve lost all your glee

Step on out
Smell that sunshine
Splash some on to your face

In time you’ll feel right again
Or may be you won’t
Track Name: Anything That Helps
It’s not possible to unlearn
Any of the hurt
I hide in my head

But that doesn’t prevent me
From breathing and being happy

No I don’t even care
That you’re not around
I don’t care about
Your bones in the ground
I know that is the way
It’s supposed to be
And it doesn’t trouble me

It’s not possible to unlearn
Any of the things that sting
Me in my sleep

Sometimes I feel so dumb
Thinking like I do
Why don’t I just give up
Thinking about you

Sometimes I feel so numb
With the time gone by
I don’t understand why

I don’t even try
To understand why
It hurts me so bad deep inside
I guess it’s just the way
We deal with it each day
For living life death is what we pay

So what if I am lying to myself
Yeah I may be lying to myself
So what if I am lying to myself
Anything that helps
Track Name: Don't Feel Bad
I thought I told you,
Don’t feel bad
There’s nothing wrong
With knowing what you have

And if your body burns,
Then why don’t you sit
Keep your eyes inside
Until the flames weaken

And when you’re hurting
Sit down and remember me
I will be there with you
If you are there with me

And every time you smile,
Smile for me
Because I am you.
Can’t you see?

I wish that I was there with you
I feel so lonely without you
But if you help me remember who I was
Then maybe it won’t be so bad
Track Name: There's Not Enough Time
There’s not enough time
I want to be strong

There’s not enough time no not anymore
Ever since you first walked out your front door
As soon as you’re born you start to die
From the moment you open your mouth to cry
Does it hurt you sometimes when you’re all alone
And you feel your soul lift out from your bones?
And you know that that is death; that’s the feeling Right there
It’s so impossible you can hardly bear
The idea of leaving everything you’ve ever known
For a different world and a different home

You gotta be strong!

I know that time is never assured
And its scares me to think of that other shore
And will I ever get there? is that where I go?
But nobdy nowhere will ever know
Except for the ones already gone
But they’re silent in their sleep beneath the lawns
Still I have these feelings, these visions in my mind
And they scare me they scare me they scare me Sometimes

I gotta be strong!

You know there’s not enough time before you die
But anything is possible if you try
You gotta scream and shake and sing and laugh
You gotta do it now because time doesn’t last
Don’t find yourself grey so weak and gone
Praying for just one more dawn
To a god you never cared for
Back when you were brave
Back when you couldn’t picture your own grave
But now it’s right in front of you what will you do?
Are you scared are you scared are you scared I’m Scared too!

White light white heat
Nothing hurts here nothing to be
White light white heat
Nothing to see nothing to fear

Forget about time don’t worry or cry
Just do some living before you die
You must sing until you can no longer breathe
You must sing until you cease, you cease to be

Track Name: Forevermore
In arms of love
He rests at last
His heart’s window
Opened to dream
The weight of love
Falls on him
He feel its warmth
He lets it sleep
Please stay with him
Like a ghost in the wall
Please stay with him
Forever, forever, forevermore

I listen long
My body still
I wait to hear
His voice in the trees
Sometimes in my sleep
He comes to me
To speak his words
To tell me things
He lives inside
A ghost in my dreams
If I sing his name
Will he hear me?
Sometimes I cry
Like a bird in the wind
My brother gone
Forever, forever, forevermore

For him I sing
I raise his name
His roots are mine
They grow inside
If I call his name
Will he hear me?
Please listen
Forever, forever, forevermore.